Thursday, May 3, 2012

stuff i love.....pastels, whites, tangerine and lace

stuff i love......
have you figured out that i love A LOT of STUFF?
at least that's what my husband says when i tell him i just
fell in love with something.....
and had to have it! :)

but today, i thought i'd show you some styles i love for
SPRING/SUMMER 2012 styles.
bet you didn't know i'm a fashion stylist!
well......that's because i',m not.
not even close:)
BUT......i know what i love,
what i think is pretty and worth having.
even if just one tiny piece or a touch of it,
such as a touch of lace, you know?

now, if you should run into me on the street,
you will NOT mistake me for a fashionista
NO.....far from it.
i'll still be wearing my old favorites.....
flip flops, jeans and tank tops.....
but let's face it,
sometimes a little something new and pretty is just what we all need.
now,  let's get started.
for what it's worth, here are the TOP picks from the

1.  TANGERINE, coral, mango, orange, apricot, peach

isn't it pretty?
so FRESH, springy, and FLATTERING!
i have a few things in this shade and just bought a skirt and top
that i dressed up a bit and wore to a casual business dinner
with my CONSERATIVE, Brooks Brothers husband.
even HE loved the bright color.
now if you knew my navy and khaki guy,
you would RUN right out to buy yourself something orange!:)
(by the way, if you click the link,
it leads to my polyvore board where you can find out the price
 and where to shop for each item.)

now here are a few dresses in pretty are they!

2.  lace, lace, LACE!
i think we've all been a little in love with lace
since the royal wedding last May.
thank you to Princess Kate for bringing back something so delicate
and GIRLY!
i love all this lace.
lace tops, dresses, shorts, bags.....
and i LOVE lace with denim.
what can i say???
i'm sure Clinton from
What Not To Wear would say i need a MAJOR makeover
but i believe we 
wear what we like, not what they TELL us to like,
don't you?:)

3.   cool mint, baby pink, yummy peach, soft lavender, sky blue.....
yep, pastels are BIG this year and i'm SO happy!!!
i know many women think they can't wear pastels,
maybe they're too babyish, too dated, unsophisticated.
hmmm....well, for what it's worth,
 i think
pastels look good on anyone.....
soft sherbet colors.
so feminine!
 and do we really 
need to look like some power exec all the time?
at the very least, buy a pretty top for summer nights.
for me.
check these out.....

just look at those pastel jeans and shorts, watches, flip flops.....
even the nail polish is pretty and pastel.

almost good enough to eat!
like these.....

never say you can't wear pastels.....
i mean, just try telling these lovely ladies they
don't look good.

they are STYLIN!! (heehee)
i say go for it!

4.  white on white
oh yeah, dig out all your whites, creams, beige, even tans.....
because white, and even whites on white are BIG this year.
what else says summer than a white sundress?
and this is a perfect way to sneak in a bit of lace.
WHOA......we're on a roll now!

take a look......

there you have it...for what it's worth.....probably not a whole lot but.....
my picks for spring 2012.
1. Tangerine
2.  Lace
3.  Pastels
4.  white on white
gosh.....this is kinda cool.
hope YOU liked it!

Happy Friday.....
and thank you for letting me have my little fashion fun!

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  1. I love your picks...except I don't think I would want the pastel hair on the older ladies. Love the white on white look, though.

    My daughter-in-law's bridesmaids wore gowns that are very similar to the ones you are showing here. It was a beautiful fall wedding- xo Diana


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