Friday, May 18, 2012

sugarplum fairy.......

and now,
Lilac Fairy!
yes, tonight is opening night for 
Naples Ballet Production of
Sleeping Beauty.
and my ballerina is the
Lilac Fairy.

 this is an important role because she is the protector of
Princess Aurora. 
because of her, the lovely
princess will awaken with a kiss
from a handsome prince.
so basically, no lilac fairy......
no princess aurora.......and therefore no
sleeping beauty.
but there is a lilac fairy to come to the rescue,
and she is my little girl:)

both performances are totally sold out,
so that's pretty exciting.
almost as exciting as the fact that in the audience
will be Grandma and Aunt Kathy.
living so far away, 
Taylor has not often had family other than us to watch her perform,
so this is EXTRA SPECIAL!!!

lilac fairy........
we are SOOOOO proud of you!


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