Sunday, May 13, 2012

BLESSED on Mother's Day.........

i am blessed.
so have a special mom.
blessed with two beautiful girls who call me Mom.
yes, i am blessed.

 when i came across one of my mom's devotional books recently,
i saw some thoughts that must have meant a lot,
enough for her to jot them down.
(she knows i read this:)
anyway, on mother's day,
i thought i would share a few of those thoughts.

i hope you see how blessed i am:)

then i got to thinking about my mom and the good ol' days.
that's when i realized that while i may try (and often fail) with
fancy new recipes........
my mom is still the best cook i know.
that's because who cares how great some special sauce is
 or fancy seafood dish turns out.......
if you can't make really good mashed potatoes and gravy,
you have problems:)
(and my mom makes AMAZING mashed potatoes and gravy:)
and strawberry shortcake.
and macaroni and cheese.
and oven baked chicken breasts.
and spaghetti.
and lemon merengue pie!
all the important stuff:)

she also has a frosting recipe we love and it goes 
 on her Strawberry Cake........

maybe that's why somebody wrote this........
because they were blessed to have a special mom too.
it's of my favorites.

don't you love that?
here are a few more thoughts on mom's......
and whatever you remember from this,
call your mom today:)

and since i promised you smiles for today,
this just
 me up!

and last but not least,
to my beautiful daughters.......
i know you have a special day planned,
and i can't wait!!!!!
but there is something you need to know.
while you rack your brains to think of the perfect gift,
you forget that YOU are my perfect gifts!

God gave me the perfect gift when he gave me you:)
everything else is just icing 
(don't get me wrong, i love icing;)
same thing when he gave me my mom......
the perfect gift.
yes, i am truly blessed this mother's day!
 all of the moms out there,
 moms to be, 
gonna be moms someday 
just as important,
 those special ladies who have been 
"just like like another mom" to someone,
a beautiful, blessed day!



  1. Good Morning Suzanne Sweetie and Happy Mother's Day...
    I love this post and the thoughts that your sweet Momma wrote down. What a treasure to have and read and remind you of her thoughts. So beautiful. I really love her photo as well. Priceless dear one.

    I can't wait to see what your beautiful girls have planned for you. Take pictures. You know how we love pictures.

    Thank you for the wonderful recipe as well. I love strawberries and I am going to add the ingredients to my grocery list this week and give it a try. I will keep you posted.

    Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  2. Suzanne- What a beautiful post...from your Mom's notes to herself to the sweet little prose (When you thought I wasn't looking) the sweet messages to your daughters- just a perfect post. Blessings to you today- xo Diana

  3. Love this wonderful celebration of Moms!!! xo P.S. Have you entered the new giveaway yet?


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