Thursday, May 10, 2012

for mom......a shabby chic dream cottage and soft, cuddly puppies......

hi mom!
yes, YOU:)
it's your big week 
and since i'm not there to do something special with you,
i'm showing you what i WOULD do if i could.

i would give you a shabby chic home makeover.
better yet, i would buy you a sweet
  shabby chic cottage 
and decorate it like this.

WELCOME to your new shabby cottage.........

 complete with a white picket fence covered with beautiful pink roses!

your palettes inside would be either based on WHITES and creams,
or shabby pastels like this.....

here are two ideas for your living room.......
don't you love the pink furniture and the pretty rug?

here, the blue walls are optional.
i just know you like blues:)

let's go to the kitchen area for a cup of tea.....

do you like it?

 did i mention i would paint your piano white 
and add some embellishments like this one?

 makes me want a piano!:)

are you wondering what your bedroom will look like?
well, here you go......
we could do something like this......

of course, your bed would be made:)

or maybe like this.......
actually, this is pretty much my dream bed:)

or maybe you prefer this beauty.......

a shabby bathroom of course, simple white tub, white fluffy towels, with maybe a touch of distressed aqua.......

or maybe we would keep it ALL white.
yes, i think that's what we'll do.

we can't forget the porch.......
one thing would be mandatory.......
an iron daybed for those afternoon naps:)

you need a porch swing, too......

and if you had this sign hanging out front, i guarantee
LOTS of visitors:)

of course, i would make sure there were beautiful flowers in every room......

so, what do you think?
like it?
well......i WISH i could make it all come true.
at least my heart's in the right place:)
but something's missing.
cute cottage......check
shabby chic decor.......check
vintage signs.......check

what could it be?
i know!
something to share it with.
something to 
something like one of these cuties.........
the puppy in the center, on top, is looking at you right now.
gazing in your eyes.
can you hear it?
"won't you take me home.........please don't let me be picked last."
go ahead.........say it.

but listen to me......
don't be swayed by the dogs aunt m had.
she loved them so much........TOO MUCH to raise them right.
you learned what to do and what not to do.
and when you want to go away,
people will BEG to watch a well behaved dog.
see......i should know.
cute little freddy was given everything a dog could want......
and he never lets us forget that.
maui was raised better and people want to take him home all the time.
(and anyway, kathy will watch your pup:)
you wouldn't have to take it out at could train it to use
puppy pads on your back porch.
see.....i've thought of everything!

and not to make you sad, but i believe things happen for a reason.......
and who would've thought dad would fall in love with 
one of these cuties.
i think it's a sign.
he wants you to have one:)

okay, okay.....i'll stop.
but first i have a confession to make.
after i saw dad with his new buddy,
i was actually planning on getting him one just like her.
i know.......what was i thinking!
oh, you would have been so mad at me!

alright, you know i'm just playing with you now.
but i WAS going to get one.
and i STILL WOULD gladly get you one of your own.
just say the word:)
it would make me feel better about living so far away.
okay, have i tried every argument yet?:)

well, i hope you like your shabby little dream cottage:)
i had fun creating it for you.
what else can i do on a day when i am severely sleep deprived.....again:)


  1. Oh, Suzanne...Will you adopt me...pretty, pretty please? I read every single word and your Mom is blessed to have you as such a loving daughter. I am sorry you live so far away from her. xo Diana

  2. This is soooo sweet! I LOVED all the photos...they make me want that house!

  3. Oh Suzanne, yes to ALL of it!

    I have a praise in that our home has officially sold. I now have just 32 to days to find a home, pack and move. A little pressure? :) We put a bid on a home yesterday that will give "The Money Pit" a run for it's money.
    I wanted to let you know that I so appreciate all of your support and kind comments and if I am absent the next few weeks from your blog please know I will return soon.

    For whomever you nurture, have a happy and blessed Mother's Day.


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