Tuesday, May 22, 2012

About Organizing, Fashion, Cleaning, Boot Camp and Life.......

these are some of the coolest things I've come across lately.
and of course, i absolutely MUST pass them on to you:)

let's talk about 
boot camp.
fitness boot camps are popping up all over.
down here, they are usually at 5 a.m and 20 miles away,
or 5 p.m. when the sun is still beating down AND it's getting buggy.
NOT good for sticking to a program:)
(hahaha.......excuses, excuses:)
well, here is a boot camp you can do from home.
now, NO excuses:)

next up,
i don't know fashion and these days,
that doesn't really bother me.
i know what i like.
but every once in awhile, i would like to know
that i can open my closet and find something to wear
that is a bit classic.
sound familiar?
well, then we both need this list.........

i was going to leave this next one to the end as it is my 
absolute favorite.
but i don't want to take the chance on you skipping out
early, so i'm sharing it next.
this is a SMART person's guide to using the computer.
this SMART person is a teenage girl who has this on her bedroom wall.
YIKES........what the heck are the rest of us doing wrong,
because i'm willing to be we just flip open
the computer and have at it,
while she has tips, really worthwhile and
important tips, to do BEFORE surfing the internet.
yes, this is from a teenage girl with a cool blog.
if you visit, you will be just as impressed as i was, i promise.
you can visit sarah at princesspinlist.
and here is her common sense list........
pretty amazing, huh?

now for 
and FOCUS.......something i CLEARLY need:)
 great cleaning organizer, isn't it?
now look at these tips for focus,
so you can actually accomplish something.
actually this is MY problem.
maybe you're good at it.
 finally, i use this next daily list,
when i think of it;)
to get something done in my day.......

well, that's all for now.
we are off to the BEACH:)

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