Wednesday, May 23, 2012

even MORE AMAZING TIPS .....for makeup, photos, instagram and weight loss.......

here's the deal.
pinterest is great for looking at COOL photos,
getting totally inspired...
making you feel totally inadequate,
i mean making you feel like you can do ANYTHING:)
and you can get some really amazing tips on there, too.
in my last post,
we covered tips for cleaning, organizing, boot camp and otherLIFE skills.
well, today i am joining Michelle from thevintageapple for

now, on to the great tips,
starting with makeup tips.

pretty cool, huh?
Bobbi Brown always has such easy to follow tips.....
if i followed them:)

now, how about some photo tips.
i have a great camera and don't have a clue how to truly use it.
but i'm going to learn.......
check out this easy plan yourself.

do you use INSTAGRAM?
i have it on my phone.
use it from time to time.
have an account.
but again, don't have a clue.
these are a few photos i played around with.....

it is fun, even if i'm a bit clueless:)
but after looking at these sites,  you will be an instagram pro.
Me?  maybe not a pro but...... hahaha

my instagram tips

and this instagram cheat sheet by fatmumslim.......

and last but not least, more GOOD FOR YOU tips.........

do i look out for you.....or what?
and one of these days i'll take my own advice.



  1. Love all the weight loss inspiration!! I need to print these out and put them everywhere hahaha and I love the image of the surfers!

  2. What a lot of information. I love that photo of the surfers...makes me wish to be a kid again. Nice post- o Diana

  3. YES. One of my favorite ways to use Pinterest is makeup! Love your blog!


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