Saturday, May 5, 2012

hawaiian lava flow and a bit of vintage BLING for your saturday......

now there's a combination!
the lava flow comes read on:)

first......don't you just love vintage jewelry?
i'm especially partial to earrings and brooches.......
and the more SPARKLE, the better!
i've been collecting it here and there when i see it because 
i just know one of these days i'm going to
create some real pretties.
and that day is coming, mostly because i have been so
lately by the beautiful ideas i've seen.
in fact, i know what my first real projects will be.......
vintage earring bracelets and whatever else i can think of to embellish!

are these PRETTY from my little princess or what?

and this shabby buffet is the PERFECT setting for everything!

i love this creamy pink rose bracelet from vintage elegance

and my favorite pink bracelet, from missjoanshobby

another gorgeous bracelet from flickr.....

GOSH.....are you inspired yet? you're not into vintage jewelry.
are you ready for summer?
down here in the south, it is PLENTY HOT enough already,
so it's time for a summer drink!
a Hawaiian Lava Flow!
 and YES, it's as good as it looks.
anything with strawberries, cocoloco mix and pineapple juice (no alcohol folks:)
well, it MUST be good.
visit HEATHER at thecoterie for recipe details.

 so that's what i'm into on pink saturday

and my inspiration for the six sisters:)

have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. Hi Suzanne,I love the pics of the vintage jewelry - so many fabulous pieces! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  2. You had me at "Lava Flow".



  3. What fun pieces of vintage jewelry. It will be fun to see what you create one day with your stash.

    Those lava drinks sound GREAT! xo Diana

  4. Love the vintage bracelets made with cute! My Mom wore those kind of earrings. The Lava Flow looks pretty darn yummy also.
    hugs, Linda

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

    My Pink, have a great weekend!

  6. These were fun to see! Thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. I love all the touches of pink!

    Happy pink Saturday, Happy Derby Day and ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    Please stop by and enter my celebrate spring/moms giveaway.

  8. Love those bracelets, I recognize quite a few of those earrings too!

  9. Just beautiful!! We're so glad you joined us for "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Thanks and come back soon!! -The Sisters


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