Thursday, May 24, 2012

i'm just crazy about mirrored furniture............

it seems as if mirrored furniture is all over the place these days.
and i LOVE it!
personally, i wouldn't want a whole room or anything.
but maybe some bedside stands,
a gorgeous armoire
or a pretty vanity might be just the ticket to get that
"Vintage/Glam" look.
(that's what i choose to call it.  others call it
that "old hollywood" style.)
whichever you choose, it can be SOOOOOO pretty.
here are some of my favorites.

a shabby chic/vintage/glam armoire.....

this one is truly RUSTIC CHIC.....and it's beautiful!

lovely little mirrored bedside stand......

not sure if this is an armoire or large mirror.....but i love it:)

now this says "old hollywood" to me.......

 this too......

 there area even mirrored beds.......
 very vintage, very glam!

 mirrored sink/vanity..........

a GORGEOUS mirrored dining room table.......

and this vanity/desk looks like it gets a lot of action:)

and this mirror......
i swear it would talk to me every morning if i had it.
venetian glass is STUNNING!
(i KNEW it would give me messages:)

how about you?
like the mirrored furniture you see out there?
well, i hope you have a
shabby chic
old hollywood 
kinda day!
(P.S........i've noticed some VERY reasonable 
mirrored pieces at Pier 1)


  1. Beautiful, beautiful pieces, Suzanne~My son and dil have a set of those mirrored vanity/sinks in their master bath. It is just gorgeous and they have the mirrors above them to match. I love that old Hollywood glam look. xo Diana

  2. what i loved is the venetian mirror~
    lovely share and great examples!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!


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