Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 Spring Fashion Trends I WON"T Be Wearing. . . . .

well, it's official.
i'm pretty much gonna be the girl around town in jeans
(surprise, surprise) or home in my jammies.
because fashions are pretty hopeless these days.
not that i'm a slave to fashion. . . . .
but since it does influence what is in the stores,
i do read about it a teeny bit and try to adapt for me. . . .a real person.
like the blog post i did about Mint Green.
I mean, emerald is the bigger color, but to me, 
emerald is fall and winter, not spring.
so i chose to focus on mint, which is also popular for a pastel green.
this is the "official"(?) color chart for spring.

they "say" you can veer off it to create your custom tone.
well, thank you for that.
geez. . . .
and not included is black and white, which is supposedly VERY big.
(note. . . .I have nothing against black and white.  My "NOT" to wear
list is after the black and white photo.)

but let's get to the real juicy part of this blog post,
what i will NOT be wearing this spring. . . . .

1.  Exaggerated Volume.
i'm serious...that's what they call this trend.
I don't need to exaggerate anything these days.
uggghhhhh. . . .
let's see Heidi Klum wear this!:)
even Tim Gunn couldn't "make it work"!

2.  Gaudy, all-over Stripes!

Yikes. . . .prisoner fashion is not for me.
now, maybe a subtle stripe in a nautical tee or something.
still not me but not awful. . . .and kinda cute for some.
but this?  you think I'm kidding, don't you?
well, i saw stuff like this at the stores this week.
regular stores for regular people like me,
not high end stores.
so be warned. . . . .the stripes are out there;)

3.  Funky Sunglasses

not me.
not anyone over age 5, i would think.
or not for anyone whose name isn't Taylor Swift.
(even then, it doesn't make them right!:)

4.. Cutout Fashion

ya, right!
but the sad thing is, i saw lots of cute blouses like this.
please, now i have to find a cami to go under it and. . . . .
too much work.
and those dresses. . . . . . whatever.

5.  Leather for Spring. . . . 

IF i was ever a leather person,
it was in coats.
oh wait, i think in my college years i had a VERY appropriate
leather skirt.
that i wore to CHURCH. . . .
with a nice sweater.
in the WINTER!
which pretty much beats anything they wear these days.
and to think i caused such a scandal. . .
(hahaha. . . .)

6.  Pretty Much anything that strikes me as ugly. . . 

be it a print, a color, a cut. . . . .
or low pointy shoes that make my size 9ish feet look like
a size 14.
just sayin. . . . .

okay, that does it.
since the heat down here does kinda get to me,
can i hibernate for a while?
in jammies???

because i have to be honest. . . .
this is MUCH more my style!:)

happy friday!

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  1. Oh-Can you believe the styles?? Those big ugly dresses were "tent" dresses back in the 60's and even then they were stitched high and swung away from the body in a V form. UGH-UGH-UGH to just about everything I see here..xo Diana ps...back in my "hey day" "mighta" had a gold lame dress with cut out sides...oh and maybe a blue summer one,too...but-it WAS cool back then. xo Diana


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