Saturday, March 23, 2013

Marshmallow + Bunnies & Chicks =


gotta love those little sugary peeps, right?
or are you one of those people who pretend not to like them,
as my husband does every year.
 (although they do seem to disappear.  hmmm. . .)

well, on this i am totally honesty.
i love my peeps:)

i mean, they are amazing little things.
you can eat them, bake with them, decorate with them.
and they're so cheap. 
cheap, cute, yummy. . . .
what more could you want, right?
and as this preschool church sign shows,
apparently i'm not alone:)

(it IS for 3-5 year olds so very cute:)

and they look so darn cute in an Easter basket.
so be warned. . . .even if you hate them, they will be in any basket i make
cause they're just so bright and fun.
you can throw them away. . .
or better yet, throw them MY way:)

 i know you're holding your breath to see all the cool things you can do with them,
so let's take a look.

you can
DECORATE with peeps.

 how CUTE are these ideas?????

you can make "peep" kabobs. . . .
or "peep" pops!

anyone up for s'mores?

maybe you want your peeps dipped in Chocolate.

one bag of chocolate chips will dip about 20 peeps.
don't ask me how i know this:)

but the grand finale of peep ideas is this. . . .
a "peep" mobile

i tell you, some people are SOOOO creative!!!
i found most of these on pinterest and many were hard to track down.
however, a number of the ideas can be credited to

i almost forgot!
i've talked about how much i LOVE caramel popcorn.
have i mentioned how much i love 
marshmallow popcorn?
i don't make it, because i would eat it.
all of it:)
now you can make marshmallow popcorn with PEEPS!

Yum, YUM!

well, my peeps. . . .
that's it for me today.
linking up with pink saturday:)


  1. Oh I love those bunnies driving cars!! And the peeps popcorn sounds very interesting...I'll bet you could make Rice Krispie Treats with peeps as well! Hmmm...
    THanks for sharing, Happy Pink Saturday! ~Lorraine

    1. I fell in love with thos cars too! There are so many ideas, I had to stop myself or I'd still be posting pictures!:). Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Oh I love the LOOK of Peeps and the colors but I don't eat them!

    hugs, Linda

    1. You're so good! Me...I devour the poor cuties! haha

  3. Suzanne- How very cute- I could eat a box of them and be out the door in less than 5 just love them...but try not to eat them anymore- Aren't those Twinkie cars the cutest things? I might make these for the kids----so healthy!;>) xo Diana

    1. Oh're So funny! I know, I should post something healthy once in awhile at least:) xoxo

  4. Awesome! Love the s'mores made with peeps, and oh my, Twinkie cars with peeps! And . . .peeps popcorn! This is the best post I have seen today! Awesome!!!!

    1. Awww...thank you Linda! I'm glad you stopped by and got a "peep" at some s'mores. (Uggghhh...I need to stop with the lame peep jokes:)


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