Monday, March 11, 2013

spring cleaning. . . . .

spring cleaning
two words that either get you excited to
freshen and clean your home or
totally freak you out at the massive job ahead of you.
i think i'm pretty much in the latter category,
although i do like a house all freshened up:)
i know it may still be a bit wintry up north,
but down south, it looks a lot like spring.
which means i better get it in gear and start scrubbing something!;)

hopefully along the way, 
i'll find some stuff i've been missing lately.
or even better, maybe i'll find things i forgot i had!
either way, i think i've gotta tackle this.

better yet, maybe i will finally get rid of shrunken/broken/downright ugly stuff
that i've kept because. . . . .
well, i don't know why i've kept it:)
maybe i'm a hoarder and don't know it.

personally, i think this list made by thehappierhomemaker
is gonna help me a lot.
i'll break down the house by rooms and start shoveling.
i'm not sure i'll do everything on the list, 
but it helps to have someone tell me what to do these days.
because if it were up to me,
i'd say forget it:)

and here are a few great tips on "decluttering". . . .

so what about you,
do you tackle spring cleaning or just keep up with a regular schedule?
do tell your secrets:)


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