Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lucky Charms and more from a controlling mama bear. . . .

yes, i admit it.
i can be just a wee bit controlling sometimes.
like every good mama bear,
sometimes a bit of meddling/controlling is what's needed:)

but in a good way, of course.
so what have i done now?

well, as i mentioned before, my daughter will most likely be
moving to Chicago in the next year.
and like any good mama,
i'm checking out neighborhoods, safety, weather. . . . .
and churches!

it helps that there is a good Bible college in the city,
with church recommendations.
it helps a LOT!!!!!
2 of the recommendations sound very promising. . . . .
everything i would love for her to have in a church.
but one in particular jumped out at me right away.
Willow Creek Community Church Chicago.
yesterday i received an email re: today's sermon topic, "Simplify"
here are the questions they will be asking. . . . .

Question. What's the most important thing in your life? 

Follow-up question. What would the people who know you say?

 and here is a bit of the rest of the message from Pastor John. . . . . 
"Sadly, I find in my own life that these answers can sometimes be different. I really wish they were the same. I wish that the thing I most longed to have preeminence in my life was obvious to everyone else, but that's not always true. I may be alone in that, but I doubt it. 
 So if the answer was the same, and the most important thing in your life was obvious to you and others, what would that look like? If your answer is your family, how would others know that to be true? If your answer is God, what attributes would be present to show it?
 This Sunday we will be teaching about how we simplify one key area of our lives, while also showing how important God is to us."

i love simple, biblical messages that give you something practical to take into your week.
i can't wait for us to try Willow Creek Church!
sometimes, being a meddling mama is a good thing:)

don't forget that another episode of The Bible is airing tonight!

today on CBS Sunday,
they interviewed Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, 
the creators/producers of the series.

GREAT interview if you can catch it again somewhere.
but when asked if the idea for the mini series was hers,
Roma Downey said "not mine.  God placed the idea in my heart".  
well said!
When asked why they made it,
Mark said he believed that even if someone doesn't go to church
or isn't particularly religious,
everyone should hear the stories of the Bible.
i like that too!

*********************************** and no, i haven't forgotten that today is St. Patrick's Day.
to those of you who are Irish. . . .Happy St. Patrick's Day!
we don't do anything to celebrate it, although when my girls were younger,
we might color our food green and stuff like that.
but some things even i can't resist.
like a good excuse to have a nice big bowl of
Lucky Charms.

aaaahhh. . . . . i love me some marshmallows in my cereal!!:)

the Grand Ol' Opry sent this photo out today with the message
"Hope you're wearing your John Deere green!"
(you might need to like country to get that:)

Happy Sunday!


  1. I liked this post and no, I don't think you are an overprotective mama bear.

    1. Hi Mary Ann...Thank you for the encouragement...and for stopping by!:)

  2. We have been to Willow Creek many times- My husband was ordained through there several years ago. It is a HUGE church but there are so many small groups that there is something for everyone...and a great singles group. She will love it-xo Diana

    1. Diana...I just saw this! (shame on me!!!) Seriously??? I'm so happy to know this. Thank you for telling me:)


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