Monday, March 4, 2013

Marvelous Monday. . . . .How to Have a HAPPY week. . . .

okay, i admit it.
for most of my life, i felt that we should just sleep through Monday
and jump straight to Tuesday.
(which, when you think of it, 
would just make tuesday kinda crappy, right?)

maybe it's cause i'm getting older,
and that empty nest is flying right straight at my face,
that i feel we need to embrace every day as a special day,
because memories will be made today.
and tomorrow.
some more memorable than others.
some good, some not so good.

but we can at least try to make them happy,
 and try to make this a happy week, right?
so let's figure this out. . . . .

1.  if you're reading this, you're alive.  
that's good news, right?
you have your vision, your intelligence, and at least one connection
to the internet world if you are reading this blog.
and you're alive, breathing, and happy about that, right?:)

so maybe try telling yourself that you can handle today,
that it is a good day, a day to be happy!

2.  regardless of last week,
today is monday, the start of a new one.
even if you had a blah weekend,
it's behind you now.
take a deep breath, say a prayer, look in the mirror,
and have at it.
you can do this.
you survived last week. . . .this week is going to be better.
i'm not a self help guru,
but it only makes sense that if we cave in to bad thoughts,
it's too easy to cave in to other things.
so think good thoughts...and smile:)
even if it gives you laugh lines!

3. we need to use what God's given us. . . . .
we all have gifts.
some more obvious than others.
but we have them.
maybe your gift is to make someone smile,
brighten a day, 
maybe it's a case of using your talent for good,
caring for our family,
being a trustworthy employee,
or a reliable friend.
sharing what we have with the world is proven to be a
wonderful way to be happy in our own life.

well, it's a start,
three little suggestions that i need to be reminded of,
 and thought maybe you do too.
we have a lot to offer the world,
we have gifts to share,
we have the ability to have a happy week.
let's go for it:)

here is a picture of "oh henry" (like the candy bar:),
 a blind westie dog.

i believe some wonderful family is trying to adopt him,
and i'm pretty sure there will be a lot of happy weeks with
this cute little guy:)

wishing you a very happy week!


  1. What a happy, encouraging post to read on Monday morning! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Mary Ann! That was my hope:)

  3. Once again a great post Suzanne! You seem to know exactly what I need to hear at the moment!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Suzanne- What a wonderful Monday post- You hit the nail on the head with this one- xo Diana


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