Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Princess Cupcakes, Silly Eggs, Sea Glass and Spring. . . .

well, that's a lot to cover for sure.
and i know what you're thinking. . . .
at least some of you;
  what's that???
but you know it's coming. . . .

and for what it's worth, it's going to be WAY nicer for most
of you than us here in south florida.
cause that's when our humidity hits full blast for, like, EVER!!!!
some people deny that but it's all too real.
the good news. . .we have nice winters.
it's all a trade-off, right?

so today, i have a few cool, random things i stumbled on 
over at pinterest.
see what you think. . . . .

are these the cutest princesses or what??
and surprise. . . . . . 

they're cupcakes!
yep. . . .some genius person turned a cupcake upside down,
stuck a plastic doll pick in it, frosted it and
actually, i think what i like best about these is it looks like a regular mom
frosted these.  
don't get me wrong, they look yummy and cute,
but they are not some fondant frosting or something perfect like that, you know?
the best kind:)

keeping with the kid theme for a minute here,
these alphabet crayons are amazing!

they melted down crayons and hardened them in 
silicone alphabet trays.

you can get these trays at Amazon for $10.99
a tip i saw was to use cooking spray to enable them to pop out.
there are tons of tutorials all over the web if you want to make these.
i know. . .looks like a bit of a project.
but think what great favors these would make:)

spring makes me think of Easter.
and we used to color eggs when i was little.
what's funny,
except for some super creative types who came up with a new way to do that,
we still pretty much color eggs the same way.
with colored tablets and vinegar.
and some pathetic little egg dipper thing that never worked:)
but how about adding google eye stickers to your colored eggs.
isn't this cute?

i always get an urge to paint something in the spring.
and besides various shades of cream and white,
my favorite color around the house is aqua.
like sea glass.
so very pretty!

okay, this next one is way off track but i had to share.
inside out caramel apples.

oh gosh, i'd love these. . . .
spring, summer, fall or winter!
go to cup of sugar pinch of salt for the how to's:)

pretty soon, y'all will be trading in those snow shovels for these. . . .

pretty bicycles and flowers.
so hang in there!



  1. What great finds here- I love those caramel apples! Those paint colors are wonderful and so are those cupcakes! xo Diana

    1. Diana, I so agree with you. I would love me some caramel apple bites:) Hugs, Suzanne

  2. How precious are those Princess cupcakes?! You can never outgrow princesses. :)


    1. Hi Lydia! I still love those princesses and i'm...well, take it from me. I'm now queen status:) (meaning i'm old! lol)


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