Friday, March 1, 2013

When Good things Happen to Good People. . . . .

and by "good" people,
i am referring to my daughter, Taylor.

for as long as i can remember, she has twirled her way through life.
(okay, run into a few walls, knocked over a Christmas tree here and there:)
but piroutte every chance she got.

she sacrificed a lot of typical teenage moments
(which, in today's world, probably contributed to her NOT getting messed up:)
all so she could pursue her dream.

every summer she auditions for a summer intensive at a ballet school.
but this year, it was a bit different.
she auditioned for a summer program,
hoping to get noticed throughout the summer
and asked to stay to continue training next school year.
that is the hope.

when she auditioned for the summer program at 
the Joffrey Ballet Academy of Dance Chicago,  they did more than accept her
for the summer.
they gave her a spot in the Joffrey Trainee program for the Fall, also.
exciting days for this ballerina, I can tell you.

exciting and scary, at least for her mama:)
so, as she finishes up her high school courses and 
has rehearsals for Swan Lake with her studio,
she has a lot to look forward to, and a lot to think about.

i would appreciate any and all prayers for my little girl as she
steps out into the professional world,
and for her family who is very happy and extremely proud and supportive,
but who will miss her terribly.


go after the dream you have worked so hard for.
 and always know that if you should ever choose another path,
we'll always be here for you;)
we love you Taylorina!!!!!


  1. I love to hear that dreams do come true!!! but as a mom, we wish they would just stay little!

  2. Stefanie, we are most definitely on the same page:). Where does the time go?????


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