Saturday, January 3, 2009

14 Things I Love About My Daughter On Her 14th Birthday

Today is my daughter Taylor's 14th birthday. I don't know whether to celebrate or cry, because it has gone so fast. No doubt I will do all of my crying as I write this which is good, so I'll be ready to celebrate with her tomorrow. In honor of her birthday, I decided to write about 14 things I love about Taylor. There are so many more but this is a good start. I can honestly say that what I am going to write about Taylor is absolutely the truth. If she sounds too good to be true, that's because she me, at least:-) Happy Birthday Girlfriend...I love you!

1. She loves God. She wants to be a good example to others, which she is. She always wants to do the right thing. She BELIEVES!2. She loves her little sister... They have their rough "sisterly" moments...many of them...but Taylor usually takes the high road in the end and before I know it they are happy and close as can be. They share a very special bond and I know Taylor will always be there for Jordie.3. She is kind. I don't mean a little nice, I mean she has a kind heart. She has a concern for others that is 100% genuine.

4. She is a good friend. I could learn from her, I know that much. She takes such good care of her friendships. She is always there for her friends, always gives them the benefit of the doubt, wants them to be happy and successful and keeps in touch no matter what. She would never miss a birthday and often puts their wishes before her own.

5. She is sensitive. Sometimes it is tough for her because she can cry and hurt so easily, but she also feels deeply and sincerely.

6. She loves to laugh. She REALLY loves it...and she laughs big! She will laugh her head off at funny movies, funny videos, old shows like I love Lucy, The Honeymooners and The 3 Stooges. If something funny happens in her day, she will laugh about it forever, often bringing it up when she or someone else needs a smile. She can even laugh at herself, which is truly a gift!:-)

7. She is generous. She will give her last penny, doesn't ask for much for herself and wants everyone to have what she has...or more.

8. She's an "old-fashioned" girl. She loves to knit, read, ride a vintage bike and shop for antiques. She'd rather go for tea than a milkshake, dance ballet to classical music than hip-hop, loves to bake bread, loves charm bracelets and cameo necklaces, prefers writing letters to email...a very vintage girl. She can also fit right in to today's world when she needs to...if she must:-) She just loves it all.

9. She loves to dance. She has twirled, leapt and waltzed around the house for as long as I can remember. She works very hard at it and is blessed with a natural grace when she dances. She has known success and disappointments and through it all, she dances.

10. She has an incredible imagination. She always has and always will. My wish for her is to write a book someday. She could do it, too. While many mothers wish their daughters never played with Barbies, I am so grateful she fell in love with them. She played for hours, making up stories and later as she got older, made up games and stories to act out with friends.

11. She is beautiful...inside and out. She is beautiful in a classic way and is not obsessed with her appearance. She is beautiful on the inside in every possible way. My beautiful Taylor!

12. She loves animals. Not just her own puppies, although she loves them to death. She doesn't like to see any animal being harmed. Her day is almost ruined to see an animal lying by the side of the road...even a creepy critter. She is a true animal lover and if she ever learns to eat her vegetables at every meal, I will let her be the vegetarian she would love to be:-)

13. She is a dreamer. She isn't sure if she should be a dancer or a pastry chef. She does believe there is a "happily ever after" and I love that about her. I will always try to guide her to independence but will never stomp on her dreams. She believes in them too much for me to do that. There are enough people out there only to eager to destroy a young girl's dreams. I will not be one of them, so dream on, Taylor!

14. She is my princess. She has always loved girly stuff and pink rules as the perfect color. She loves diamonds, pearls, tiaras and ballgowns. She is a lovely young lady and will always be my princess.


  1. Awesome Birthday true, Taylor is a doll for sure! Happy Birthday Taylor!

  2. Too funny, that was from me Taylor, no wonder I coudl finally sign in, Kris must be signed in:)

  3. Okay, whoever you are...thank you!!!!! Hahahaha. I have no idea what I am doing with the comments but I'm glad you liked my gift to Taylor.


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