Thursday, January 15, 2009

Calendars, Planners and Organizers...Oh my!

Well, it's January 15th and there's still time for some of us to get organized for the New Year, right? (Well, maybe not me but there's still time for you:-)
The other day I got a message from my sister, Kathy. It was a quick message asking me "what kind of planner" I was planning to use this year. I was on my cell phone at the zoo when I got the message and the monkeys were screeching in my other ear, so I had my daughter listen to make sure I heard right because I couldn't believe she asked ME about a planner. Sure enough, that's what she said. I cracked up then and there, enough to embarrass my girls for at least the 3rd time in an hour. I love my sister and besides her husband and children, I am probably the only one who can laugh at her over this. The reason...if she thinks SHE has organization/calendar problems, she should come to my house!!! At least she remembers Dr. appointments and birthdays. I wait until I get the reminder call the day before and work like crazy re-arranging my schedule to make the appointment. I have Taylor write birthdays on her calendar since she is the only one in the house to look at it daily. (Not only does she look at it often, every night she "rates" the day and writes fun little notes about what happened. She might say "good day, today was awesome, tired today, sad, dance was fun, dance was hard...) Her calendars are like journals.
But back to my sis...bless her heart, she tries every year to find a planner that will work for her. We laugh about this at least 3 or 4 times during the year, usually when she finds a new way to keep track of things because the old one is out the window. (Don't get me wrong, I buy new planners all the time too hoping this is "the one" that will turn me into Miss Organized, but no luck yet.) Anyway, I asked her to take a picture of all of the organizers she could find in her house, so here goes.Here is how she described her planners:
Left to right, 2008 brown/pink Target Franklin planner, bought the second this year as it is cheaper than a refill, second row is three types of good black leather planners from Franklin/Covey, My Apple Ical, small free Hallmark purse-size date book, slim Target one, Golden Retriever wall I ready or what!
Yep...I'd say you're ready!!! Looks like 9 calendars to me. Hahaha.
Okay, what my sister doesn't realize is that she doesn't need to worry about this because she is waaaaay more organized than most of us and besides, that is not what is she is all about. She is the best wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend you will ever hope to find...THAT is what my sister is all about. (But it is kind of fun talking to her about planners and trying to discover the newest way to keep...or should I say "GET" our act together!)
Love you Sis!!!

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