Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday Favorite Things...On Saturday. Sorry:-)

Okay, so my favorite things list is a day late. I'd like to say it will be worth the wait...but I would probably be wrong. Anyway, here goes...Enjoy!

The first thing is a book by Jorge Cruise...8 Minutes in the Morning. It doesn't matter if you follow the diet or not, his exercises with weights are super easy and really work. Each day, you have 2 exercises, usually using hand weights or maybe your own body weight as resistance. You do the exercises in the amount he suggests for 8 minutes. You still watch what you eat and get in some form of cardio, like walking. Weight training is especially important for women and this is a very easy and painless way to fit that in.

I know I suggested a lotion last week but here is one night time favorite. And best of all, it's Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. I'm talking .99cents! It's by Johnson & Johnson and is called "Melt Away Stress" body lotion. It is so silky, smooth and has a truly relaxing scent to it. I swear, my whole family loves it. You can find it in the dollar section of your drugstores or target/walmart type stores. The photo is not clear but it's in a lavender colored tube.

Okay, for those of you who are not into thrift or vintage-type stores, you are missing out! I found this vintage purse awhile back that is so much more beautiful than the picture. Recently I found these Chanel sunglasses at a higher-end shop that was liquidating their inventory. Next time you drive by that cute thrift store, check it out.

Hot Cocoa on a cold night. (And yes, we did have some cold nights here in Florida recently.) Taylor made this hot chocolate and brought it to me and I was shocked by it. She decided to put it in a pretty glass and it not only tasted good, it looked awesome.

Last, I just had to tell you about these magazines. Really, they are more like books. You can find them at Craft stores like Michael's or Joann's. (Be sure to use your coupon because they are around $12.00:-) They're from Somerset Studios and they are filled with so many beautiful, creative and clever things that I find something new each time I look through mine. They cover topics like blogging, scrapbook/card making, quilting, jewelry name it. Pick one up, make some tea...or cocoa...and take a look.
That's it for now. I had a parenting book that I was going to suggest but I have so many wonderful things to say about it, I think it will make a great blog topic.
Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Hi Suzanne! I love your site - it has so many beautiful things! From the picture box to your celebration of your daughter's 14th birthday! I really enjoyed it! I could learn a lot off of you!

    Also, I have read and done Jorge Cruise's book - the 3 Hour Diet. It's really helpful too!

    Just stopping by from I'll be back!


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