Monday, January 26, 2009

My thrift store dresser...refinished!

Well, I finally did it. Last summer I found this old dresser at a thrift store. It cost $40 but the poor girl had just opened her store and gave it to me for $30...without my asking. She had just opened and was offering things at a discount to everyone just for stopping by. Can't beat that. I knew it wasn't in great shape but I have a big guest room and thought it could look great, add to the room and give me a little storage for extra sheets and room for visitors to put a few things. It has been sitting in my garage for months. I have used it...for storing paint supplies, hiding Christmas gifts... But finally I got out my palm-sander, which I love, love, love...and started sanding away. I could have done even more I now realize but it isn't bad. I painted it a creamy white and I need to go down and distress it a bit. The thing about distressing something is then people aren't sure if you missed a spot or if that is the shabby style:-) I'm also looking for a few shabby chic type glass knobs for the 2 small drawers. And now, here is my masterpiece! hahaha

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