Thursday, January 1, 2009

50 Great Goals for the New Year, New Year Wishes

Happy New Year!
We made it to midnight again this year. Jordie has always fallen asleep but this year she managed to stay up because she has always wanted to see "the ball drop". When it finally did, she looked at us and asked why it didn't crash to the ground. We told her it just slowly lowers. Yep...she was not impressed and probably won't bother next year. A crashing ball would have been much more fun!
She gave me a book called Be Happy, full of quotes she knows I will love. Here is one for the new year: "Make each day your masterpiece" Coach John Wooden

50 Great Goals for the New Year (inspired by some in the Book of Lists)
  1. Pray!
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Exercise
  4. Give compliments
  5. Simplify your life
  6. Create something
  7. Be virtuous
  8. Worry less
  9. Buy less
  10. Read more
  11. Watch more sunsets and sunrises
  12. Watch less TV
  13. Listen to good music
  14. Learn to enjoy time alone
  15. Pray some more
  16. Speak the truth
  17. Show more love
  18. Really listen to children
  19. Show compassion to the elderly
  20. Make time for friends
  21. Be positive
  22. Keep promises
  23. Laugh often
  24. Be kind
  25. Forgive
  26. Apologize
  27. Encourage the discouraged
  28. Give generously
  29. Be thankful
  30. Work hard...and play hard
  31. Look for the best in others
  32. Have faith
  33. Appreciate nature
  34. Try something new
  35. Greet more strangers
  36. Be patient
  37. Recall good memories and forget bad ones
  38. Give more hugs
  39. Smile readily
  40. Recognize possibilities
  41. Right a wrong
  42. Keep a journal
  43. Be humble
  44. Take more walks
  45. Hold hands
  46. Don't be afraid to be silly
  47. Don't be afraid to make mistakes
  48. Appreciate the little moments
  49. Lighten up
  50. Buy fresh flowers

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