Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photo Collage Posters...Fun & Easy Wall Art

Okay, this is what I have managed to waste time on for the past few nights...photo collage posters. I made mine on Snapfish because I could add more photos to each poster. It seems to take a little longer to add my photos here but maybe I am just used to Shutterfly. Anyway, I made 4 posters. They come in various sizes but the "typical" poster size is 20 x 30. You can save on shipping by picking up the prints at various stores, such as Staples and Walgreens
The first poster is just random shots from my backyard.
Next is a collage of my dogs, Freddy and Maui. (This is my husband's favorite...he loves his little guys, even if he doesn't always admit it:-)
Next, a collage of our trip to NYC last summer.
Finally, this one was taken on Christmas.
It's a photo of Taylor, Jordie and Grandma
walking on the beach:-)

Happy Poster making!

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