Monday, October 22, 2012

a beautiful miracle...

a beautiful miracle......
i bet you thought there was an inspiring story behind this.
no story.....just a few things i've learned.......

or maybe it's more like a way i know i SHOULD live
and strive for daily.

i think we can all influence others and 
leave our "marks" on the world.
some leave great big GIANT marks,
and others of us leave little bitty ones.
but we leave them none the less.

i can truly only speak for myself and say
that i hope to wake up and appreciate every day for the
beautiful miracle it is.
i don't always do that, but i try.
and by doing that,  maybe i leave my mark on the world
 and on others that day.

we all can do this.......
by taking a deep breath of fresh air and thanking God
that we are alive.
by appreciating.....
 the big AND little things.
by noticing.......
every sunset, the birds chirping on a morning walk,
smiling at the clerk in the check out line at the grocery store,
by being grateful........
for what we do have instead of complaining about what we don't have.

wishing you a beautiful, blessed, remarkable week!

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