Friday, October 26, 2012

for my girls.......

i titled this for my girls,
but you can read it if you like:)
i have a board especially for them on Pinterest.
it has fashions i think they would like, songs we love,
LOTS of advice and little things i want them to remember.

you know, when teenagers are at or approaching the dating scene,
you can't be there enough for them.  
And with my ballerina turning 18,
i need to REALLY make sure she is prepared:)

here are some of my recent favorites.
sorry for all the pics!

sweet girls,
please know this.......

there will be many things to celebrate...
and disappointments along life's path.

there's always a choice to be made.
make good choices.

you were raised with christian morals and values.
never feel you have to compromise them.
people who truly love you and care about you
will never ask you to change.

as for dating and relationships........

remember this.......

i love this one.
what a guy!

 i especially want you to read and remember these next two.
i love them both and couldn't choose my favorite,
so i am including both.

i'm gonna print these out and plaster your walls with them:)
someday you will be faced with choices.
you need to be prepared now;)

i love you!


  1. What a lovely, touching post you wrote for your daughters Suzanne!


  2. Hi Suzanne- I am back from my break and catching up. What a BEAUTIFUL post- not only for your girls but for all of us. I LOVE your pictures- xo Diana

  3. Thank you Ladies! It's especially nice when you take the time to read a blog post that is so special to me:) Hugs to you both!!!

  4. Such a beautiful post
    Have a sweet day!


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