Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's True.....Chicken Soup is GOOD for You!

see all those pretty leaves changing?
feel the brisk, cool air?
(well, i don't here in Florida, but i hope you do:)
this means it's FALL y'all!
and with Fall, comes the start of cold and flu season.
we've already had a visit from the achy muscles and sore throat fairy.
and when my niece Jennifer heard my girl was sick,
she sent me her "go-to" recipe for YUMMY chicken soup.

you might be one of those who thinks chicken soup
when you're sick is some old remedy your great grandma used to use.
according to MANY experts, here's what it does for you;

 Heat: The steam from a bowl of soup (or a cup of hot tea for that matter)
 can assist in opening up clogged nostrils.
Protein: Chicken is a great source of protein which we especially
 need as appetites naturally wane when ill. 
Low protein intake can decrease immune system function,
 and a soup is an easy way to get some calories and protein. 
If you don’t like the actual meat, 
some of the protein is extracted into the broth during the cooking process too, 
so just sipping the liquid is still helpful.
Vegetables: Most chicken soup recipes include
 carrots, celery and onions at the very least. 
If you’re making your own chicken soup, throw in any hearty vegetables
 that you’ve got in your kitchen or freezer.
 Broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, beans and peas are all healthy soup additions. 
Also, the heartier greens, like Swiss chard, kale or collards work well in soups as well.
Vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals
 that mean more antioxidants to fight off that cold. 
Frozen varieties are just fine, too. 
They are frozen at their peak freshness, meaning nutrient content is preserved.
Water: Maintaining adequate hydration is also important 
when you’re not feeling well.  
Fluids also help to thin out mucus and decrease congestion
 so drinking your usual 2 liters/day is essential.

here is the basic recipe........
you can add any veggies you like.
(i like it just like this!:)
Thank you was so good and you are SO sweet!:)


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