Monday, October 15, 2012

Things I know For Sure.......

remember when Oprah used to do a segment
on "Things i know for sure"?
well, here are a few things i know for sure.

i know that i have found, and saved a whole lotta 
PUMPKIN recipes.
but i really don't need them.
because i realized that the best tasting, moistest pumpkin dessert is
Paul's Pumpkin Bars.
we've been looking for an excuse to bake something, 
and with new neighbors,
we found our excuse.
GOOD THING we gave some away because 
what i know for sure is that i could EASILY
eat a WHOLE pan of these yummy pumpkin bars.
no, i am not exaggeratting.
they are THAT good!
so i know for sure that i could (and almost have)
eat the whole pan!
pssst.....if you've never tried them, do it now:)
here's the recipe...from me to you!

something else i know for sure is that my girls love me.
totally, unconditionally, completely.....
they love me.
even after a frustrating, stressful day,
even after a sleepless night.
even with me being a total. unreasonable monster......
they still love me.
they try to understand.
and are quick to forgive me.
because, as they say,
they love me so much.......
and want me to be happy and not stressed about anything.
i thought that was my job,
 but sometimes our kids teach us something once in awhile.
i know this.
and i love THEM for that!

i know that i am way more dependent
on my phone than i thought.
for some crazy reason, it crashed.
and i lost everything.
little by little, i'm getting some things back but there's still
a ton of work to do and it won't all come back.
(which explains my stressful day, trying to figure this mess out
on the computer)
pictures are the worst thing to lose.
and personal, special messages.
i have an iphone but am not married to it like others are.
i think there is a lot of room to improve.
i'm wondering if anyone out there has a
Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and if you like it?

i also know for sure that
i will never find someone to cut my hair even similar to this........

i know this because i have tried numerous times
over the past few years, with various hairdressers.
they all say i have the perfect body/texture for this look,
similar to the beautiful lady in the picture.
but it is never even close.
the closest i have come is when i chop at it myself.
it still isn't right but at least i can live with it.......
and save money at the same time.
but still.......i live in hope that
someone, somewhere, someday.......will get it right:)

finally, finally, finally.........
i know that i love fall.

what's not to love.
i know some of y'all are getting cold.
but just think of us down here.......
we still go to football games, eat apples, drink warm lattes.....
DREAM of wearing sweaters,
but we sweat our tail off doing it:)
and on that note,
Happy Fall Y'all!

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  1. Those look yummy.
    Family should always love one another no matter what.
    Love that hair cut.


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