Thursday, October 4, 2012

talking about Fall, Turkeys, Mummys,Pinecones and Chocolate:)

just wanted to say hi and share a few sweet, silly, pretty things.
first, i apologize if you received posts from me today
that were blank or "test" posts.
i don't know if you've noticed, but i have been having
MAJOR problems with my comment link.  
it still isn't quite right but it's there.....if you look close at the end of the post.
for a long time i've had issues but lately,
i lost comments altogether.
not fun, trying to figure out blogger sometimes:)
but it's there now, thank goodness!

like i said, a few sweet things to share.
Fall is here (well, not where i's still miserably hot)
but hopefully you have a beautiful Fall even if i don't!
and these are so cute!
Mummy Twinkies....can't get cuter and simpler than that!
 but if you're watching it these days,
how about this 100 cal treat.......
coffee and a caramel rice cake with 2 lg. marshmallows melted on top.
where there's a will, there's a way:)
 for Thanksgiving, here's a sweet pinecone turkey.......

 and a lollipop turkey too!

but the sweetest thing of all is this halloween costume
one daddy made for his little boy who is in a wheelchair.
now he can trick or treat AND wear his costume in his wheelchair.

a little fall decor for you........
pinecones, bulbs, ribbon and twinkle lights in a galvanized pail.

 oh my gosh,
what i wouldn't give to be walking my dig down this 
beautiful little lane in the country!

and lastly, i leave you with something to think about.......
bye for now,

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