Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy rules and inspiration from afar.......

i explained yesterday about my blog.......
 giving it up, keeping it, 
doing what makes me happy.
and i talked about wonderful people who read your blog,
people whom you have never met and likely never will. 

well, yesterday i received another very SPECIAL email..........
all the way from Bulgaria!
Maria is a beautiful 19 year old who said i inspired her, 
and she hoped I would keep my blog.
me? inspiring?  that's sooooo nice to know.  
and so cool that it comes from a 19 year old!
i have two teenaged girls and my hope is that i inspire them
and that they find others who can inspire them also.
what Maria doesn't know is,
she inspired and encouraged me with her email!
so to beautiful Maria from Bulgaria,
thank you so very much!
your email is a keeper for when i need a boost:)

awhile back, i read
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

i felt some of it applied to my life and some of it didn't.
but let's face it,
 we all need a bit more "happy" in our everyday.

one thing she suggests if you start your own "happiness project" is to
make a list of happiness "rules".
i thought it wasn't a bad thing to think about that,
so here is my own list of happiness rules to live by.
i'm not perfect.
i have bad days.....too many:)
basically, i think i'm doing okay with life,
by the grace of God only:)
but i kinda like my little happy rules list:)
and if it serves as a reminder to laugh instead of cry,
or do instead of watch,
then it's a good thing:)
hope you have a happy, colorful week!
i promise, next time i post something, 
it will be my usual, random, shallow stuff;)

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  1. Love your rules of happiness :) It is nice when we can touch someone... visiting from the Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop


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