Thursday, October 25, 2012

two SIMPLE steps to SIMPLIFY your life.......

only TWO steps.
hard to believe, i know.
because we ALL want a simple, HAPPY life, right?
well, here you go......

as i think about this, it is easy.
but we make it difficult, 
worrying about things.
like what others will think if we don't volunteer as always,
not saying no to time wasting activities,
creating clutter.....
on top of clutter.
i'm as guilty as the rest.
but i really, truly am going to try and remember these two steps.
because this really says it all.....
identify what's important to you and get rid of the rest.

and i know it's not truly easy in the course of every day life.
but maybe, just maybe,
i can make things a tiny bit easier if i remember this:)

if you need more steps to simplify,
check out this list of 30 tips to simplify at 

have a SIMPLY happy day!

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