Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Kinda White Wednesday.......

i don't do a lot of blog hops/parties.
like many others, i prefer to post what i want, when i want.
maybe that's a cop out because i'm so disorganized and
unable to remember which day is what blog party.
probably that:)

but my all time favorite has been White Wednesday by
I went to post my white wednesday post today to find
 that Kathleen has decided to stop hosting this.
like me, she has many other things going
 and wants to post when it suits her best.
but i will miss this!
cause i just love all things white!

anyway, here is my white wednesday post.......
as you know, i love decorating with white.
but not just "white" white.
i mean white, ecru, cream, eggshell, champagne, marshmallow......
all shades.
i love throwing in a bit of wood.....
especially dark wood and faded/rustic wood.
and metallics........burnished golds and silvers.

i think the most important thing to do if using whites is to remember this:
layer different textures, whether wearing whites
or decorating with them.
contrary to what many think, white is not cold.......
used like this it's incredibly cozy.

we have a white Christmas tree and it couldn't be
warmer, cozier and just plain gorgeous.
and my husband made a very grave error Sunday
when he said he didn't care if we put our tree up........
Phil......consider it done!

here is a little collage of some whites.
sorry for the winter scenes,
but it's so DOGGONE hot down here, i had to do this to feel nice and cool:)

.......notice the metallics, textures and various shades.
the only thing missing is a 
white hot cocoa

and lastly, here's a piece of advice i need to remember.........
hope you liked my whites!


  1. Your comment is so appropos... let your yes have oomph! Thanks for that! (and the whites are nice, too!)

  2. I love white too. That tent is so gorgeous ! And the cushion in your little christmas collage too ! My whole bedroom is shades of white and cream and it's the most relaxing, beautiful room in my house !


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