Monday, October 1, 2012

why i LOVE my blog...

ya know, 
sometimes i think about giving this blog up.
i don't post as often as i would like,
i'm totally crappy at answering comments,
i have a million other things to do.
but i like it!
i still like it.

and even though i know it is not advised to do this in blogland,
i like changing my blog to suit my mood/feelings...
kinda like how it's changed now.
but it's REALLY changed this time.
i really believe God wants his children to be happy.
and we want to be happy.
but we sometimes manage to sabotage our chances every single day.
at least i do.
and i'm guessing many of you do, too.
well, welcome to my new blog, 
"my kinda happy"!

it's very similar to the old one, because i always tried to keep it
 positive, light and happy before.
but now, even more so.
no need to bore you here.......
hopefully you'll see/feel the difference.

i changed the look for Fall...
and to reflect the style i am crazy happy about these days.......
like it?

but here is the REAL reason i like blogging.
every now and then, right out of the blue,
someone stumbles on my blog and writes me the most amazing email.
someone i've never met in my life.
someone like Sandra.
last night, Sandra, 
from all the way across the country in California wrote me this email........
"Dear Suzanne,
I just found your blog through Pinterest.  Your last blog post was
on Sept. 24 and you asked for prayers for Maui.  
I haven't stopped thinking of you and how you must be feeling.
How did Maui do?  I pray he made it through this ok.
How are you doing? 
Take care,
can you believe that?
she stumbled on my blog,
read about my worries about sweet Maui,

and took the time to pray for him AND write to see how he was.
there are such good people in the world and i've met many through my
 lil 'ol blog:)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sandra!
it's because of people like you that i just received a call from my vet saying
Maui had a NON-malignant tumor removed!!!!!
she was sorry to scare us so but said when she removed it,
it SO resembled a malignant tumor that she thought it best to prepare us.

most of you know i have MS.
and i'm doing great.
the only real issue is i get BONE TIRED pretty much daily.
but that's nothing a nap won't help.
and guess who takes a nap with me every day.......
my Maui.
on this day i was in Jordan's bed and freddy joined us too:)
Maui snuggles right up to me.......
i would be lost without him:)
and Freddy...i think he wonders what all the fuss is about.
but he's been an exceptionally good boy since Maui had surgery.

no playing for Maui for awhile.......
but he can still go for car rides!
does this crack you up or what?
i mean, he looks like he is really watching where we are going:)
(the t-shirt is to protect his stitches)

anyway, thank you to Sandra and each one of you who
prayed and sent us good wishes.
YOU are the reason i love to blog and will keep it up!

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 and now via


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