Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What do Scotty McCreery, Tootsie Rolls, Victoria's Secret, Twitter and Flat Stanley Have in Common?

give up?

they're all great gift ideas this year!
i know, it isn't even halloween yet,
but you have to admit time is FLYING by.......
before you know it, halloween is past, the turkey is stuffed:)
and the Christmas Holiday is upon us.
don't believe me?
Christmas countdown banner

i try to hold off.
but just as some don't like talking
 or even THINKING about it,
i happen to LOVE thinking about it.
"keep Christmas in your heart all year, ya know???:)
and no, it is NOT all about shopping.
far from it.
it's the whole "package, so to speak;)
now, in my defense, Taylorina is in full NUTCRACKER mode

and on Saturday, we are doing a Holiday Boutique for
Vintage Charm.
be warned.......
cause here on my lil 'ol blog,
 the Christmas season is OFFICIALLY on :)

now, the one thing i know how to do is SHOP!
and these are just a FEW little ideas to get you started.
no doubt i'll have MANY more in the days to come, okay?

on to gift idea #1.....
Christmas Music
my first gift idea is actually a Pre-Holiday gift.
remember Scotty McCreery,
who WON American Idol a few years back?
if not, here's the low-down.
Scotty is one of the Good Guys.
~~~17 years old when he won.
~~~a sweet, shy, southern boy who sings country music
 with his beautiful deep baritone voice.
~~~a Christian.....who at 17 was not afraid to share his
Faith at every opportunity on national TV.....
and still isn't.
~~~a very grounded, all american, baseball loving kid who
is doing it the "right" way.
~~~the kind of young man you hope and PRAY your
daughters bring home some day.

 Scotty released a Christmas CD this week,
and when i listened to it,
i just knew it had to be my number one pre-holiday gift idea this year.
songs include the traditional
Let it Snow,  First Noel,  Jingle Bells,   Holly Jolly Christmas,
Winter Wonderland,   Christmas in Heaven (one of my favorites)
Christmas Comin Round Again,  O Holy Night,
The Christmas Song,  Elvis's  version of Santa Claus is Back in Town,
and the most beautiful, pure version of "Mary Did You Know" I've ever heard.
trust me, at $11.99, it's a GREAT gift!

and being the GINORMOUS fan of Michael Buble that i am,
i MUST tell you he also has a Christmas cd coming out.

(something tells me i'm gonna be adding a few new albums this year)

gift idea #2.
PINK Clothes from VS.
ummm.....what's so new about this?
well, they finally added a REALLY pretty
SOFT pastel pink to their line.
and it's flying out of the stores.
these photos don't do justice.
once again, trust me.....
they will be a HUGE hit for someone on your list.
i also love this hooded, raglan sleeve top.
talk about COMFY!
and these Sparkly boots are super cute:)
all from VS.
and selling out fast!

gift idea #3. 
 of my favorite authors is John Grisham,
and he has a new book out,
The Racketeer.
actually, he has a lot of books, and if you haven't read them,
now might be a good time to start.
they're clean.....and gripping from the very start.
this would be a very welcome gift around here!

any TEENS on your list?
this is an AWESOME book that i have given
 as gifts for a few years now.
Where Will You Be FIVE Years from Today?

actually, it is a great book for anyone, of any age.
here's what it's about;
The next five years can be the most exciting and satisfying years of your life---or just another five years. Whether you are just graduating from college, newly married, considering a new career, setting goals for retirement, or just looking to inspire a special friend, employee or family member, here's the most inspiring and compelling gift you can find.
sounds good, huh?

know anyone who's a fan of Christian fiction?
Tricia Goyer is a really good writer,
and her brand new book is on MY wish list:)
The Memory Jar.
Click here to read about it on amazon.

and the last book for today is actually a BOOK SET,
and it's for the kiddos out there.
the adventures of FLAT STANLEY!!!
i wish we'd known about Flat Stanley when i was a kid.
fortunately, Stanley comes to stay with us once in awhile,
 and we get to have fun that way:)
i bet the little ones on your list would love having this books set!

gift idea #4.
a TWITTER necklace.
like facebook and other social networking sites,
twitter is HUGE.
and if you know someone who LOVES to TWEET
 (kinda sounds silly, i know;)
here is the perfect accessory for them.....
a twitter id necklace, from various sellers on ETSY
these are a few examples.
mine would read @shabbychicksmom.'s just an idea:)

gift idea #5.......
a Tootsie Roll scarf!!!
look, if you have to go through winter,
why not have a sense of humor about it?
even better if you love tootsie rolls (like i do!:)
you laugh, but these are selling out fast.
i found this on amazon,
but if they sell out,
try searching other stores online.
good's realllllly CUTE!
gosh, i need to stop!

but a few more things.......
like, where is this place?

i want to shop there!
shoot, i want to LIVE there!!! :)

and most importantly,
 whether it's October, November or December,
remember the REAL reason for it all.



  1. Hi Suzanne!

    I'm a new follower, love your blog!

    Being a South African, now living in the UK, I SO miss my country music! Loved Scotty when he was on American Idol, will definitely try to get hold of his cd! Also a huge Michael Buble fan.

    Enjoy the countdown to Christmas!

  2. Hi Suze!
    I hope you get this message. I tried to email and see if you have a blog but no luck.
    Anyway,thank you so much for visiting, following and taking the time to comment.
    I seem to get a lot of emails from wonderful people in other countries, and I love it:)
    I so love meeting another country music fan!!!
    Please let me know if you have a blog I could visit.

  3. Nice meeting you too!

    My blog is thanks for taking the time to visit!


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