Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Traditions...Sleeping by the Tree

Christmas is coming so fast so and we are now trying to fit in the things we do every year, like sleeping by the Christmas tree. Last night the girls, the dogs and I spent the night looking at the tree lights as we went to sleep. Once again, I am reminded of how it is the simplest things that seem to be so much more meaningful to them than I could imagine. We started the night baking and watching The Nativity Story. (although today is our real baking day) Phil needed to bring in some treats for his office party and wanted me to make the Pecan Crisps from Southern Living. They are sooooooo good. (When I sold Southern Living at Home, I used to make these and put them in small packages with the recipe for party guests. Dumb me...they were supposed to BUY the cookbook:-) Once we finished that, we watched The Christmas Shoes. Yes, we bawled our eyes out...again!!:-) But I guess it's kind of like watching Brian's know you will be a mess and crying your eyes out but you love the story so you can't help yourself. Last year we didn't watch it because I felt like I never had a night where I could afford to be sobbing like that. This year, like I said, much more laid back. I still have wrapping to do but that's okay and I just remembered I have a layaway to get out today...yikes! Good thing I didn't forget that one:-) If only today were Christmas. It's kind of cloudy and we have a "cool" spell of 7o degrees...yippee!!!! Christmas is going to be bright, sunny and 81. Boo... Anyway, time to get the cookbooks out and the gingerbread house ready to decorate:-)

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