Friday, December 19, 2008

Cute gift wrapping ideas

Better Homes and Gardens had some cute wrapping ideas for Christmas this year. I know, I know...who has time. But I actually wrapped beautiful packages for my daughter's dance teachers this year and it was so worth it. I went with a pastel snowflake theme and wrapped the boxes kind of like a Tiffany's box. We placed the gifts in a pastel bag with ribbons and attached a small glittery snowflake ornament, which I buy every year!!!!! It took only a few minutes more and they loved the packaging. Look at this photo...bright, solid colored wrapping paper with contrasting wide bright ribbon. Adorable! If you shop at Swoozies, one of my all-time favorite stores, you will appreciate bright and cheery packages!!! I have always been a fan of great packaging. Sometimes I'm sure the outside was better than what was inside, which is sad but true:-) You can find awesome stuff to wrap with through the year, like cute favor boxes, paint cans, plain paper, cool's amazing what you can do. Check these out... above is a photo of paint cans and below shows a package wrapped in family photos scanned from the computer. I went through my paint can phase last year. Home depot has great silver ones and Joann's and Michaels sometimes have white or clear paint cans. Tie tons of ribbons on the handles for another look. One of my other favorites is to attach flowers to a package, like this red flower. And white paper is the BEST!!! Every year I say I am only using white paper all year and then get carried away with other wraps, but you can change the look for great packages. Colorful polka dot ribbons, white paper with black toile ribbon, stickers and stamps on white paper. It truly is all you need and they always look great! See for yourself... And my number #1 favorite for this year...Is this gorgeous? Here is what I'm thinking. My husband has to give a few ladies who work for him a gift. We are doing the super-easy American Express gift card and a few treats. I think I'll wrap the card and treats in the box and add a cute pin to the outside that will be part of the gift. Happy Wrapping!!!!!:-)

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  1. you have wonderful ideas!! and the last picture is amazing!


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