Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting Ready for 2009

What do you Believe in? That could be a great question to ask as a new year comes around. Personally, I am not big on resolutions. Probably because I break most of them within 24 hours:-) I try to mentally make a short list of things I would like to do differently but that's about it. I did read something from Hope, a friend from Mom Bloggers club, that really got me thinking. It is a quote from Kurt Warner, quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals and a wonderful Christian man. It made me think that maybe this is something to think about in 2009. Listen to what he says...

"People think that whatever happens on the football field should define me one way or the other," Warner says. "A lot of people say they can't believe I don't think more highly of myself, two-time MVP, Super Bowl MVP, but it's like whatever … It just happens to be what I do. I want to be defined by what I believe in, by who I am."

Questions for 2009:

What do you believe in?

How do you want to be defined?

~~~Happy New Year~~~

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