Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the 12th day of Christmas...

my Mommy gave to me...Silly Socks!!! One of our favorite traditions, which I imagine we will try to do in some way forever, is the 12 days of Christmas gifts. Every day, starting the 12th day before Christmas, I gave my girls a tiny little gift in the morning. It started when they were little and I would have a gift (wrapped, of course:-) by their breakfast plate when they came downstairs every morning. They LOVED this...and still do. The gifts were always small and inexpensive...maybe a cute pair of earrings, candy, stickers, festive socks, bubble bath...stuff like that. Today, their gift was a pair of "SILLY" socks. You would think they won the lottery. They've never had socks with toes and love sliding around on the hardwood floor. (The dogs are having a blast trying to pull them off, too!:-) Their friends always thought they were so luck to get a tiny gift for 12 days leading up to Christmas morning. This reminds me that it is truly the little things, because these were dollar-store items that were a big hit.

The other tradition we had, before they got so busy with school and activities, was to make paper rings and tear one off each day. The chain would hang in the kitchen and each morning they would take one off and be surprised with a special treat for that day. Maybe one day it was to make cookies, one might be to go to the Nutcracker, another day was a walk through the neighborhood at night with a hot cocoa while being pulled in their wagon to see the pretty lights. It took a bit of planning with a calendar but was always SOOOOOO worth it! If I could pass on any fun, festive ideas, these would probably be it as they loved them and they made the days leading up to Christmas so very special.

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  1. I love all these tradition ideas! I remember hearing about the paper ring idea long ago and wanting to do it in my own home. Your post reminded me and I will have to add it to my "to-do" list for next holiday season! Thanks!


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