Sunday, December 28, 2008

Woulda...Coulda...Shoulda... seems I say that alot! If only I knew then what I know now...I say that alot, too. When I got married...even before that when I thought wanted to live some ultra-glamorous life, I picked out a China pattern from Royal Doulton that was classic, simple, elegant...BORING!!!! I snubbed my nose at my Mom's china which was pink, floral...old lady-like. So not my style! How wrong I was!!!! Now, I love everything Shabby Chic and vintage. I wrote in an earlier post that I am collecting random, vintage pieces of mismatched shabby/vintage china to use instead of my basic cream and gold china. I found a few pieces but the other day my Mom and I went to my favorite little antique shop and JACKPOT!!! We about fell over ourselves getting to a little stack of china and sure enough, it was my Mom's pattern from Homer Laughlin, "Georgian".

It was a bundle of plates...3 dinner, 1 soup bowl, 1 dessert bowl and six saucers. The price...$15.00. We didn't even ask "Is this your best price?" because we knew we would have paid more than that and were so excited!!! Now I have 6 dinner plates, 3 soup bowls and a number of other pieces of my "new" china. Yippee!!!
I was also looking on ebay and found another Homer Laughlin pattern for *cheap* that I might get. These are soup bowls and plates that would look awesome with my plain cream/gold-rimmed china to give me that vintage feel.

The pattern is called "Nautilus Gold". I might not mind my china once in awhile if it had some character added to it. What was I thinking back then??? I thought I loved clean lines...not in a million years would I want that now:-)

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