Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breakfast at Mickey's Cafe

How lucky was I today??? I had breakfast at Mickey's Cafe...and it was soooo good!
Jordan and Frances (her friend who is staying with us for spring break) woke up at 6 a.m and went to work in their "cafe". At 7 a.m, they invited Taylor and I to come for breakfast. The table was set, we were given a menu, my coffee was poured and music was playing in the background. Wow...I like this place!
Frances was my wonderful waitress and Jordie was Taylor's. You can see all of the yummy food we had to choose from. I ordered Pluto's Pancakes with a side of sausage and Taylor order the Mickey waffles with sausage. We both had fruit with our breakfast, too.
I was in awe at how smoothly they ran the kitchen, how delicious all of the food was...and how they cleaned up...yeah:-) (Note to moms of young kids...teach them to cook. You'll
never regret it:-)
Thank you for breakfast, girls!


  1. It was so much fun. Glad I didn't say anything about waking me up so early!!!:-)

  2. Oh my gosh, How sweet is that?

  3. Ah man....I want a Mickey's Cafe at my home too! Great Job Girls. You can come visit any time!!

    I found you via Follow Me Club -- I am now a follower!


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