Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When life hands you headaches... have a tough time starting an exercise program! Okay, so TODAY is the official start of the 3o day challenge for this girl because yesterday was a total bust. I planned on getting my teeth cleaned and then going to the gym but while at the dentist for a deep cleaning (give me a root canal, any day) I started to get a headache. I could see the signs were there for a fast approaching migraine so I put off exercising until today. Good thing, as I can't imagine my head pounding any worse than it was. Times like this, I am so happy I have a bedroom that is painted choclate brown. It makes shutting the blinds, keeping the sun out and curling up in bed so much easier:-) Speaking of chocolate, didn't I hear it is good for migraines??? hahaha Anyway, today is the dreaded "day after a migraine" which means I feel as if i was hit by a truck...or maybe lived through another session with the personal trainer:-) Anyway, I WILL start the challenge today but with a nice long walk around the neighborhood and along the dock.


  1. oh man sorry about the migraine! I have heard 10 minutes in the darkest room or closest, I have a friend that does a caffiene tonic that works better than her prescriptions - Spark and 6 aspirin, or I guess an energy drink would do the same. She said the caffeine opens up where the blood vessels are constricted by stress.
    Ooops did I think you were stressed over your dentist appt!=) Hope you get better have a great day!

  2. Oh do I feel your pain. Big Migraine Headace girl here.
    Do you guys have the product called "Head On" down there? It's a non-medicinal product, always in the headche asile, that you just rub on your head. Feels like an ice pack in just the right spot. Won't take the pain away but it is distracting. I carry one in my purse and have one beside the bed!
    Feel better!

  3. Oh I'm sorry about the migraine! I get them too from time to time and they completely knock me out. I have to lay down in my bedroom with absolutely no light shining in and a cold washcloth over my forehead and eyes. I also do what Kelleye mentioned...I drink something with some caffeine in it and that always seems to help too.

    A friend of mine who's into reflexology told me if you pinch the skin in between your thumb and forefinger, that is supposed to help relieve the migraine too. But I have no clue if that really helps since I drink the caffeine too and use the cold washcloth over my could be any one of those things (or the combo) that helps the migraine go away.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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