Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter tidbits...

I hope all of you had a beautiful Easter Sunday. I don't have anything major to write about but did want to pass on a few things that were special about our day.

First of all, I should say I was awakened not by kids excitedly looking at their basket but by my husband saying" Wake up...I think Maui is throwing up". Happy Easter to you too!!! hahahaha Maui was okay but that's how my day started. Fortunately, it got much better.

My girls loved their Easter treats and hunting for eggs (you never get too old for an egg hunt). We had a great church service and then had brunch that was mainly prepared last night and today wonderful girls. Here was our menu...
Broiled Grapefruit
Chilled Strawberry Soup (Jordie's recipe)
Raspberry Danish
Scrambled Eggs with Swiss Cheese & Bacon
Hash Brown Casserole
Baked Bananas Foster French Toast (Taylor's recipe)
Fresh Fruit
It was DEE-LICIOUS!!!!!!!

That was brunch but what of dinner? Well, we weren't very hungry so the girls had a few slices of Honeybaked ham and my husband and I had some incredibly good stone crab a friend gave us. As soon as I get off this computer, it's time for lemon merengue pie baked by Taylor and a cookie cup by Jordie. Does this sound good or what??? Diet tomorrow, for sure:-)
We even got to watch one of our favorite movies, Sound of Music. How perfect is that?
Guess that's about it. See...I told you there was nothing big to report...just a really nice day. Hope yours was, too. I'll sign off with a picture of my little guy showing off the Easter egg he found. Be warned...this is too cute!:-)



  1. I have never heard of someone broiling grapefruit. Do you just slice it and broil?

  2. Your menu sounds heavenly! Yum!

  3. Oh Yes. Sounds wonderful.
    I want to hear about the broiled Grapefruit too please!

  4. Sounds like you definitely had a wonderful Easter...lucky you...that menu sounds devine! Freddy is waaaay too cute!


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